Work Online

ITLS is providing unique education platform to work online from location, we recognize your dedication and efforts in the form of Cash/monetary reward as well as Life Member benefits. Interested Youngsters, Academicians, Research Professionals as well as Industrial Experts can share their knowledge with us in the form of Audio & Video Presentations, Study Material and Question Paper Preparation for different programs and courses of ITLS.
Sl.No. Particular Duration Cash Reward Life Time Benefit
1 Audio Lecture 60 to 90 Min  Rs. 200/topic Fee Share in course fee
2 Video Lecture 60 to 90 Min Rs. 400/topic  Fee Share in course fee
3 Question Paper Preparation -------------- Rs. 1/- Question Fee Share in course fee
4 Study Material -------------- Depend on topic and Quality Fee Share in course fee
*** Lecture must have the quality audio and video to upload on Youtube.
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